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Under our care, nothing supersedes
our service to you.

With a myriad of sizable assets, you have complex financial scenarios that require high-level strategy and oversight. Having trust that your wealth is being managed effectively and proficiently is essential to achieving peace-of-mind and confidence in your financial future.

Holistic Financial Planning

Getting to Know You & Gathering Inputs

Our holistic financial planning utilizes one of the top interactive, real-time planning tools in the industry. It offers a probabilistic approach to planning by tracking assets, debts, insurances and assessing unique growth rate assumptions. It permits us to drill down to a very granular level across a broad spectrum of considerations, goals and assumptions.

Understanding & Adjusting Your Dynamic Financial Variables

While critical inputs such as retirement dates and cash flow goals do not change often, other aspects such as buying a second home, purchasing luxury items or changing jobs are examined regularly in scenario discussions and real-time decision analyses. With these decisions, there are deeper, underlying considerations that are often not evident on the surface.

Continuously Monitoring & Managing Your Performance Over Time

While other firms offer a broad planning summary that represents a point in time, we provide a systemized commitment to monitor your financial plan over time, in real time. We drive planning discussions and pull updates so the burden doesn’t fall on you. Your success is not measured by performance against the market, but rather against your desired goals – this we call your probability score. Together, we monitor and manage the performance of your living plan on a consistent basis. Outside of real-time scenario discussions, plans are scheduled for review on a semi-annual basis, in the months of your birthday and half-birthday.
Because you and your future are worth celebrating!


The most fundamental aspect of who we are is the experience you will receive in both service and quality.

Providing fiduciary care is the starting point, and we take this essential requirement very seriously. Our experience, training, advanced degrees, and achievements speak for themselves. But the level of care and attention we give our clients is what truly sets us apart. We commit to achieving what many service providers do not.

Benchmark’s goal is to deliver unsurpassed wealth management. It requires that we treat each client as if they are our only client. We become a part of your lives. You will hear from us regularly and we expect to hear from you. We pride ourselves on being thought of as an indispensable confidant, one who’s always a phone call away to help work through the various financial considerations any big life decision might present. We are in this together, working to ensure your financial future stays on course, your goals are actualized, and any financial anxiety is eliminated.

It doesn’t end there. We commit to a continuum of improvement. We never rest on our knowledge or our service procedures because there is always something more we can do. In every touch point, you will feel fully informed, supported and guided to make the best financial decisions to support your goals. We don’t rest, so that you can.

As we say: it’s simple, but it’s not easy. The reward is in the feedback we receive from our clients. That’s what inspires us to continue doing what we do best. We love what we stand for, and we know from our clients that they do too.

investment philosophy

We utilize passive investments, adopting sound processes and empirically driven solutions, which allows us to focus on what we can control, while reducing the risk and stress to the extent possible surrounding what cannot be controlled. We are extremely efficient in managing our investment portfolios. We maintain five core models across the risk spectrum. The contents of the portfolios have a narrow deviation so that our holdings are limited to a manageable number. When a change to any holding is made, that change is applied across our core models. We track items to an accurate completion with religious-like dedication. As Rick says, “Billions are wasted annually trying to “beat” the market. It’s a fool’s errand and we aim to avoid such folly.”

Integrated Fee Structure

Managing your wealth requires an integrated and comprehensive approach. A financial plan is essential for the successful on-boarding of every new client, and we cannot and do not make any recommendations without a baseline plan in place. We do not charge commissions, nor do we pass along any transaction fees to clients. For these reasons, clients receive all services in one easy to understand fee structure.
Assets Under Management
Annual Fee
$2MM and below
$2MM – $5MM
$5MM – $10MM
$10MM – $15MM

We treat each client as if they are our only client

It's not just an investment. It's a relationship.