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The benchmark way

Working with us is about the experience. It’s at the core of what we do and why we exist.

It’s not transactional. We are about numbers, but it’s not the only, nor the most important, core tenet. The depth and trust of the relationship is the crux of it all – the foundation of everything we do. We don’t do things halfway. We are all in. You will hear from us on a regular basis and we expect the same from you. We become a part of your lives, because, as we see it, that’s the only way. We are about giving you (and us) the best relationship experience possible. Only then are we able to fully do our job of helping you reach your goals.

Truly, it’s more fulfilling for all of us this way.

our story

Rick and Tom met while pursuing their MBAs. Growing their own practices independently since early 2000, both had a similar business focus which recognized financial planning as the core need of clients.

However, within the wirehouse business model in which they operated, true financial planning (at least the way they believed it should be done) with long-term relationships built on a fair equitable pricing structure was neither provided nor adequately supported. The general broker-dealer industry was diametrically opposed to the core philosophical tenet that the client comes first and deserves a fiduciary duty of care.

In 2007, it became clear that merging their ideals and practices was the only way to reach more people within an under-serviced industry. Benchmark Wealth Management was formed to serve their clients, not simply transact for their clients.

Their exceptional service shows in their unremitting attention to and care for their clients, and a continued refinement of processes and dedication to expanding their knowledge and areas of expertise to support this end.

But they know… mere words aren’t enough. Experiencing it will tell the real story.


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Care for Our Community

Our community involvement mindset is quite straightforward: we care.

We give because we want to. Because we can. And because it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve made a habit of doing good for others part of our business philosophy. Where and when we can, we are committed to helping further strengthen our community and its families, and in so doing, we hope to serve as a catalyst to others. The impact of giving, whether it’s time or resources, can be substantial and truly create a success that is shared.

We support

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Richard “Rick” W. Stout III


Rick is a Certified Financial Planning Professional and holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation. He specializes in complex financial planning and investment management strategies for his clientele of high-net-worth individuals, families, non-profit organizations and corporate pension plans.

Thomas “Tom” J. Britt


Tom’s life experience includes over 20 years in the financial services industry, 10 years in engineering as an Operations Supervisor for a Fortune 500 subsidiary and he is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Force. Tom assists clients in creating and executing wealth management strategies to help guide his clients towards achieving their financial goals.

Aileen Deutermann

Executive Assistant - Client Services

If you want to be impressed by someone, meet Aileen. She’s on top of her game every day, going well beyond what is expected with a magnetic energy you can feel even through the digital space. Aileen’s depiction of the office culture is described like this: “walking in the door each morning, it feels like we are manning the battle stations, and what we are fighting to do is to best serve the client absolutely above and beyond their expectations.”

Heather Moore

Operations Assistant

You’d be absolutely amazed at the sheer volume of compliance regulations in place to ensure the financial planning industry operates in their clients’ best interest. Heather keeps them all straight and on top of that manages the data integration for all client accounts. She is a magician! Focused, and with a keen eye for detail, Heather’s expertise frees Tom and Rick to focus on their highest and best use, financial planning.

who we serve

Our clients are high-net-worth professionals and retirees who share a planning and investment philosophy similar to our own. They value planning, empirical data and following a thorough, methodical process with a long-term financial outlook. Having a lifetime trusted relationship with their financial planner is absolutely necessary. Because of the bond we have with them, they are confident in the knowledge that in everything we do, our aim is removing financial anxiety from their lives and helping them achieve their goals.

Our clients expect and deserve the highest level of personalized service and care. We truly strive to set the benchmark. To support this commitment, we limit our relationships accordingly such that we can deliver proactive planning, investment management and concierge-level client service consistently and dependably.

Rick’s requirement for new client relationships is $5 million or greater.

Tom’s requirement for new client relationships is $2 million or greater.

Limiting new relationships in this manner enables us to safeguard the service experience that our existing clients know and love while also ensuring an exceptional service experience for new relationships.

Building Financial Strength along the Connecticut shoreline