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Exceptional Service Must Be Experienced

Holistic Financial Planning for
High-Net-Worth Professionals and Retirees.

When Your Assets are Under Our Care, We Don’t Cut Corners

Working with a financial planning partner who you revere as an indispensable confidant is a tall order, but we gladly take on that challenge every day on behalf of our clients.

This is what we expect of ourselves. You should too.

Our white-glove service means there is personalized, special attention bestowed upon each and every client. We listen and understand your needs. We are proactively and consistently in touch with you to ensure you stay on course to meet your goals – in fact, we hold you accountable to it. Because of this and our deep consummate relationship, no decision having a potential financial impact on your life goes unconsidered. As a result, you feel fully informed and expertly supported and guided, removing financial anxiety so that you can focus on enjoying your life on your terms.

Our clients expect and deserve the highest level of personalized service and care. We truly strive to set the benchmark. To support this commitment, we limit our relationships accordingly such that we can deliver proactive planning, investment management and concierge-level client service consistently and dependably.

Rick’s requirement for new client relationships is $5 million or greater.

Tom’s requirement for new client relationships is $2 million or greater.

Limiting new relationships in this manner enables us to safeguard the service experience that our existing clients know and love while also ensuring an exceptional service experience for new relationships.



how we can work together

Holistic Financial Planning

We meet with clients on a regular basis to tweak and refine their plan as life happens. Numerous variables are discussed, confirmed, and challenged. These meetings allow us to ensure that plans stay on track, goals are attained, and clients’ needs are met. Our clients develop a strong understanding of where they are financially, where they want to be, and how they are going to get there.

Investment Management

We focus on passive investments reflecting well-established, widely followed indexes offering broad exposure to each select asset class.

Adopting sound processes and empirically-driven solutions, we can focus on what we can control, while reducing the risk and stress to the extent possible surrounding what cannot be controlled.

White-Glove Service, No Exceptions

Our personalized white-glove experience is deeply rooted and clearly evident in our mindset and execution.
We act with integrity, love, care and kindness. Not many execute a service model to the level we deem necessary.
It’s how we do business. No exceptions.

About Benchmark

Benchmark Wealth Management provides complex, holistic financial planning and investment management solutions to our clientele. We are professionally astute and deliver this with unsurpassed service and quality. We strive to make your life better and ease your financial apprehensions.

Your greatest assets – the security and enjoyment of the lifestyle you afford yourself and your family – are handled with the utmost care and dedication. We don’t accept mediocrity; neither should you.

Benchmark Wealth Management is a fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor.

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